What Difference Does Audio Make in Attractions?

The use of audio is extremely important across nearly anything you can think of. The number of sounds we hear and absorb every day and yet we do not think about them. The same works for experiences such as films, live music and attractions. Each piece of audio in the likes of the examples listed…

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Addams Family Animated Film Score

Photograph of video production project open in video editing software

Below are some videos of a completed animated film score based around the 2019 animated Addams Family film. All of the audio in these videos was created by our sound team at Immersity, this includes everything from recording foley and voice acting down to assembling the track and creating music. You will find two videos…

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Immersive Audio in 22.2 Surround Sound

Photograph of Char Lewis creating immersive audio in 22.2 surround sound

Our sound designers created a small number of fully immersive soundscapes purposed for 22.2 surround sound speakers. 22.2 surround sound speakers are uses 24 speakers arranged in three layers. A middle layer of ten speakers, an upper layer of nine speakers, and a lower layer of three speakers as well as two sub-woofers. The 22.2…

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