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Professional Video Production and Editing

Marketing is an important part of any company, no matter what type of attraction or event you are running. You'll always want to stand out with a high-quality and attention-grabbing video. Whether it be a full length trailer, social media and teaser videos, or a pre-show introduction video, we have the ability to fully develop your video for your individual needs. Our experienced creative team have created a multitude of videos in a number of different styles. Our team are proficient in the use of numerous video and audio software editors allowing them to provide the best end result for your video.

If you would like to know more about the services we can offer in further detail, please continue below for a breakdown of the creative video production and editing services we pride ourselves on. You may also wish to visit our portfolio featuring some of our prior projects and tailor-made video development examples, providing you with an insight to how we can help make your creative visions a reality.

If you would like to discuss a particular project requirement that you may have then please don't hesitate to reach out and get in contact with us. We would be more than happy to have a chat and plan out the best video production and editing project for your business.

Services We Offer

Whether you're looking for full length trailers, pre-show videos or would just like some video footage edited to a high quality, please see an in-depth breakdown to give you an idea of what services we can offer when it comes to video production.

If you would like to know any more information or would like to discuss a potential video service package please contact us!

Full Trailer Videos

Full-length trailers can provide an excellent insight into your attraction or event. This can provide an idea of what to expect or even provide guests with information in a more immersive media format. This may include reviews, locations or events, but can be anything which your project requires. The typical length for these videos are around 1.5-2 minutes long and are ideal for video platforms or websites to give a controlled look into what your service is and what to expect. With these videos being as long as they are, it really provides you with the opportunity to get creative and allows you to promote your experience in unique and interesting ways.

Social Media and Teaser Videos

We can also provide you with shorter eye catching videos suitible to use on social media or as teaser videos. These types of videos act well when you do not wish to give too much away, or simply wish to draw more attention to your attraction or event without worrying about the watcher losing focus. These can be particularly useful if you have a year round attraction or experience and want to show off a specific limited time event such as halloween or the festive period. Being shorter in length these videos can work well when it comes gaining a response on social media and this may help you reach new audiences which may be difficult to engage through more traditional marketing methods.

Video Editing

Your videos will be edited by our extremely talented and creative technicians who have years of industry experience with multiple styles of video editing. We are able to provide editing for videos which we have shot the footage for, or for any raw footage you can provide us with and would like for us to work on. We will always discuss the style and feel you wish your video to convey. If you require any infographics or bespoke creative backing tracks we can achieve this through our growing team of creative individuals and work towards making this a reality and to add something extra to make your end result stand out.

Video Capturing and Shooting

Working very closely with some very talented videographers gives us the opportunity to be able to offer this service. If you've had an idea for a video but are unsure of how to execute it or how to record to a high quality then we can come to your venue and help you plan and shoot your ideal video. We will always give you guidance where we can to help advise you along the way during shooting. We understand that filming promotional material not only has costs involved, but may also mean that you are unable to operate your attraction or event at full capacity, thus costing even more money. We work directly with you and around your business schedule to film high quality video with minimal disruption to your attraction or event.

Pre-Show Videos

Suitable for any event or attraction, pre-show videos can be an excellent way of keeping attention whilst also providing information. This could be for rules, a back story or just to build some suspense for your experience. These videos are a great way to keep your guests entertained and engaged whilst waiting for your service. We can help you develop a script and prepare an original pre-show video to give your guests something to remember and add personality that will leave them wondering what's to come next.

Interactive Videos

Have you ever wanted to interact with a video and make it seem as they were responding back to you with a selection of responses? Well with this service you can have just that. Whether it be a conversation with a script and a specific cue for your required project, or maybe even using selection buttons to choose your chosen response out of a list of available video outcomes, these are all possible and services which we at Immersity can offer to help your business stand out and give an individual feel each time. Working directly with our systems development team allows us to be able to achieve a more interactive end result to bring your event even more originality.

Video Production Process

Whilst undertaking any video production project, we go through a step-by-step process to ensure that your requirements are met at all stages of the production or editing process. Below is a brief example of our workflow and you can see more about how we work to produce high-quality video productions and to complete our projects.

Photograph of a video storyboard showing where camera shots are being made

01 Video Concept Planning

No one project is the same, so as with all of our services, we treat every project as its own unique and tailor-made experience. This is a foundation of all of our services. We'll work with you to create a completely unique storyboard and plan for your video. Whether this is through footage you provide us or footage we help you shoot, we ensure that your video is tailored uniquely to you and your needs. We have a large variety of contacts including voice actors and videographers. Once we have the footage our skilled editors can then create and tailor your video to your required needs.

Photograph of video engineer working in a studio on a video editing project

02 Video Development

This is where all of the magic happens. Our team will develop your video to your agreed planning board and specification. During this stage is where we build your video and combine all of the individual components and elements to create a highly polished and professional end result. We make use of the very latest in modern video editing software to ensure that the quality you receive is fauntless. We continually review your video whilst we work on the project and is quality tested by our creative lead before continuing on to the next stage of exporting and hand over.

Out of focus photograph of video editing software

03 Exporting and Hand Over

Your video can be exported in whichever format you should choose. The most common format for an exported video is H.264 codec and as an MP4 file format, but we are able to change this to anything specific should your project require it. We will always strive to achieve your requirements and expectations on all projects and ensure that everything is as to be expected before you sign the project off as completed. We always allow our clients to request amendments at scheduled stages throughout the whole process.

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