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Immersive Audio & Sound Design

At Immersity we have worked on numerous sound projects, including production, recording, mixing and mastering. We have created music, sound effects and even voice recordings for projects including film, immersive tracks, soundscapes and much more. Our talented engineers have a number of professional qualifications and experience in the latest audio creation software and technologies.

We will work with you from start to finish to help build your vision for your attraction and keep you updated along every step of the way. Each piece of audio will be completely unique and designed to meet your standard and criteria, and if you need any help in designing audio to meet a certain criteria our experts are there to give you a helping hand with any advice you may need along the way.

Services We Offer

Below is a breakdown of our tailor-mad audio design services and should give you an insight of the type of content we can make. You can also find examples of our work in our portfolio to understand what makes our services different.

Immersive Tracks

At Immersity our audio technicians have experience with numerous styles and genres of music. We use this to our advantage when it comes to creating unique and interesting tracks themed around your adventure. Immersive tracks contain multiple aspects of audio alongside music. These include sound effects, sound bites and can even contain the use of voice. All of these combine to make a very atmospheric piece of audio which is truly unique to your project. By working with our systems development team we also have the ability to make these tracks adaptive. This means you control if you would like the music to change when an item is interacted with or a new scene is entered, allowing your guests to become fully immersed in their environment.

Voice Over Content

Vocals can take an audio track to the next level, regardless of it's use the voice is a very powerful tool. Throughout the years of creating audio we have been lucky to work closely with some very talented voice actors. These brilliant and skilled actors have worked with us on a variety of different projects from vocal dubbing for film to 360 vocals on 22.2 surround sound environments. Working this closely with our artists allows us to make recommendations when it comes to recording vocals for your project. No matter of it's purpose we will find someone who meets your requirements and make arrangments for them to record your required vocal track. Once complete our audio technicians will ensure all vocals are to the highest standard before being put into postion on your final track.

Video Soundtracks

Should you require audio for a video, such as the professional video production and editing service which we also offer, our audio design team are the choice to build unique productions. Our technicians can record and product a result to fit the theme of your video, ensuring it grabs attention and compliments the video production. We are able to encorporate our other services when creating a video track for you. Whether you require some subtle background noise or some large bombastic music, our creative technicians will create a piece of audio to compliment your video in a flattering way. If you require some recorded vocals over your video, our team have a keen eye and ear to detail and will ensure each scene will be perfectly in sync producing a highly professional end result.


Soundscapes are designed to flow with natural sound whilst still being immersive. The main difference between soundscapes and immersive tracks where immersive tracks use a combination of audio styles, soundscapes use naturally recorded sounds. The idea behind sound scapes is to provide as natural of an environment as possible to fully immerse and engage the audience. Birds, industrial noises and beaches are all examples of sound scapes. If you were trying to set a scene without the use of music but wanted guests to believe they were in an environment, then soundscapes are a way to create that without using as many effects and soundbites. Soundscapes are usually used as a way to describe a scene but without the use of words. These are a truly unique and interesting way to set a scene through the use of natural sounds.

Foley & Sound Effects

Whilst we already have an extensive library of sound effects at Immersity, we also possess the ability to create more through the form of foley and sound design. Foley is a method used to recreate sounds using regular items. It is commonly used in film, televison and even songs to create sounds of nature which may be hard to achieve or record effectively to match the intended specification. An example of this would be how punching a piece of meat may replicate the sound of hitting someone, or squishing grapes can sound like blood. Providing this service means we can offer you fully unique sounds you otherwise may not be able to achieve. These sounds could really provide a "one of a kind" atmosphere to your experience, especially when linked with something such as our immersive tracks for a truly orignal atmosphere just for you.

Mixing & Mastering

Whichever service you decide upon for your next addition to your experience, mixing and mastering is an essential addition. This is arguably the most important part of any audio track. A number of our skilled audio technicians have specialised in sound and music production and are highly skilled in mixing and mastering audio to a studio-quality end result. Once a track is completed it will undergo a series of maintenance checks from our engineers. During this time there may be effects, plugins and small additions to really bring your audio to life. Once this has been achieved it's then listened to across a variety of speakers. Each individual track is adjusted to ensure the details can be heard as intended. Once completed our creative directors will perform a final quality check before being given to you for your approval.

Why Choose Us?

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Completely Unique Audio

We will work with you to complete an original and unique audio track. No more worrying about third party licenses and using generic-sounding royalty-free tracks and soundbites. You'll be in complete control of how you want your audio to sound for your attraction and we'll help you to make that a reality. We have an extensive library of sounds with the ability to create more in our very own studio. We also have connections with musicians working in multiple genres, voice actors and composers which is constantly expanding. With our resources and expertise you can be guaranteed a professional and bespoke end result.

Personal Sound Engineer

You will be given your very own sound engineer with years of industry experience. They will help you create and develop your track and will be your point of contact throughout the whole process to answer any questions which you may have. We will always do our best to meet your criteria and with all of our projects we have staged milestones throughout every project in which we send over our progress for you to review and give any feedback should you require any amendments.

Studio Quality Results

All of our tracks are mixed and mastered on high end studio quality speakers. Once the track is at a stage which you are happy with, the tracks are then reviewed across a wide range of different audio outputs, such as headphones, soundbars and surround sound systems, to make sure the quality carries across before finally being sent to test in your final installation environment. If for any reason you're not happy with the result at any point throughout the process we will do our best to resolve this as soon as possible. We expect nothing less than studio quality from our tracks and strive to achieve this with every piece of audio that we provide. We're highly passionate about our work and we treat each track as if its being used in our own business.

Workflow Process

Have you ever wondered about the steps we go through to create a unique track? This is the workflow process we will go through to work with you in creating your very own custom piece of audio.

1. Discussion of Project Requirements

The first step involves an initial discussion with us regarding your initial idea, or your specific requirements. Whether this is a script, requirements for your attraction, or just a general idea of what you're hoping to achieve, we'd love to hear from you in order to arrange a meeting and a plan of how we can help turn your idea into an end product!

2. Initial Documentation Is Completed

Next we will send you any documentation required to proceed with the project. This may include information such as a statement of work, onboarding documentation, or your proposed requirements for the end result. This is typically just a formality step to ensure that we both fully understand what it is you're looking to achieve.

3. Acceptance of Quote

Once any requested documentation is completed you will be sent your quotation for the proposed project. This will be the final price for the work being undertaken in the format that we had previously discussed and agreed. You can expect this to include all of your requirements and also the number of revisions or amendments to your project throughout the process should you require them.

4. First Invoice and Agreement Of Specification

Once an agreement has been made between us and yourselves, you will recieve a pro forma invoice to allow us to begin working on your project. This invoice is for our working capital and is typically between 25-50% of the agreed total project value. You will also recieve a copy of the drafted specification. Once the specification has been agreed, we will take payment for the pro forma invoice.

5. Project Development Begins

Once you have agreed to the drafted specification and we have recieved payment for the pro forma invoice of working capital, we will begin development on your project. Although we should have all the information required, if we do happen to need any further details from you we would contact you with as much notice as possible. We aim to work to the agreed timescales to ensure that your project is returned ahead of schedule.

6. Staged Draft

Upon completion of a set milestone in the project timescales we will send over to you the progress so far to gather any feedback you may have. At this point you will receive a staged draft copy of the final product. This will not be the final quality and will just be used for your feedback on the work done to date to ensure that we are working properly to your requirements.

7. Approval Of Draft

Once you have recieved the draft we will require your feedback on the progress we have made so far. At this stage if you require any amendments this is where we would find out and could make relevant revisions as per the agreed terms and specification. If you request revisions we would go off an make them as agreed. However if you are happy with the results we would move on to the next step and, if required, we would generate an invoice for the completed work.

8. Final Inspection

Once we have made any previously requested changes we will then send you a final draft for your review and to ensure that you are happy with the outcome, this will not reflect the quality of the final work. This gives you the opportunity to ask for any unused agreed revisions which you may wish to be made and to test the project in the installation environment.

9. Project Acceptance, Final Invoice and Hand Over

Once you have confirmed that you're happy with the final outcome of your project we will generate any final invoice for the remaining work if required. Once this final invoice is paid you will be granted full ownership of the work which we have completed for you and you will then recieve a high quality production version of your final project and we can't wait to see you put it to good use!

Are You Ready To Bring Your Attraction To The Next Level?

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