Escape Room “Offline” Terminal

Raspberry Pi controller with computer background of light colours and wires

We worked with Escape Rooms Cheltenham to improve on one of their popular escape rooms. The existing puzzle solution was worked on by players in which they would interface with a computer terminal to manipulate a website. Depending on the input from players would determine the results returned to allow progression through the puzzle. This…

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GCHQ-Inspired Interactive Escape Room

Photo of developed escape room system with LEDs, wires, microcontroller, keypad and power cables

At Immersity we love working on unique and exciting attractions, so when Escape Rooms Cheltenham approached us to assist with developing their new GCHQ-inspired escape room we were keen to work towards providing a one-of-a-kind experience. During this escape room the players would go back in time to solve interactive digital puzzles and decipher codes…

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