About Immersity

At Immersity we are passionate about bringing creative and immersive projects to life through the use of automation and computer systems. The name "Immersity" is an amalgamation of the words "Immersive" and "Interactivity", as we aim to transfer these core values through to every single one of our creative products and services which we provide to our clients. We are based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, in the heart of the Cotswolds, and provide bespoke and tailor-made products and services to clients locally, nationally and worldwide.

We began our journey by creating several automation pieces as part of a prototype for a university module assigned to Char, one of our co-founders. We instantly fell in love with the whole process and since then have worked to create more exciting creative solutions for our clients. To learn more about what we have been working on be sure to check out our portfolio.

We strive to push the boundaries of what can be achieved through automation and are passionate about creating new and exciting projects. Aside from automation we also have a large passion for creating customised soundtracks and a variety of audio options for attractions. These include music, voice acting, and sound effects. This allows companies to have an individual approach as oppose to paying for music licenses to use generic sounding pre-created or royalty-free tracks. We also proud to be able to offer video production and editing services to our clients and return professional end results.

Due to the wide range of creative services that we offer at Immersity, we are able to act as a "one-stop-shop" for our clients. No need to deal with multiple suppliers to ensure that your project is completed, we can handle as much or as little as you require. As we can be involved in the whole process this means that you're not left trying to be the communicator between different suppliers, we can perfectly polish the end result exactly as you require.

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Our Founders

Immersity was founded by a small group of creative and technical individuals, each with a variety of different background and skillsets. Here you can learn more about the skilled and talented individuals who work hard to design and develop your projects.

Photo of Char Lewis from Immersity Creations Limited

Co-Founder and Creative Director

Char specialises in sound design and audio creations and studied a degree in sound and music production. She has created audio for a variety of projects including film scores, foley, sound design, and immersive audio over the course of her career. Char has also been exposed to studio and live sound environments for over a decade, playing in multiple bands and can play a variety of different instruments as well as having a number of professional qualifications.

Char also helps develop the interactive automated projects we create and is part of the development team for that. Char also has first-hand experience of working in an escape room and extensive knowledge of how people react to different environments, which she uses to her advantage when it comes to creating our interactive projects.

Photo of Alex Winder from Immersity Creations Limited

Co-Founder and Technical Director

Alex has been involved in the IT industry for over a decade and takes a proactive role in the development of our interactive and automated projects. Alex has extensive professional experience in providing the very best service on a variety of projects, and has worked with clients of all sizes from a wide range of industries to provide professional technical services to meet project requirements and demands.

Alex began his career in data centre environments providing technical support to enterprise and SME clients, and worked his way through various positions such as network operations, system administration, management and web design and development. Alex has had the opportunity to provide services to clients on a local, national and international reach and takes pride in working on new and exciting projects and seeing them through to completion.

Our Creative Team

We work with a selection of talented individuals who each possess their own unique skills and creativity. We have worked with our team for a number of years and strive to provide the very best end results for our clients.

Photo Of Jordan Woods from Immersity Creations Limited

Jordan Woods

Lead Sound Design & System Development

Jordan has a passion for creating immersive soundscapes which utilise automation and sound-shaping to create engaging and unique scenes. Having a strong passion and talent for creating, mixing and producing, Jordan is devoted to using specialised audio to its maximum potential, such as 22.2 surround sound. Jordan's extensive skillset allows him to build scenes and experiences for individuals to enjoy and encounter. Devoted to pushing boundaries with exciting and innovative new technology, Jordan aims to bring the best to his clients through his extensive and broad skillset. Jordan is committed and devoted to creating experiences that will be remembered for years to come and to leave people warning more.

Photo Of Filip Regulski from Immersity Creations Limited

Filip Regulski

Audio Engineering & Sound Design

Filip is a south-west based music producer, DJ, sound designer, and audio mixing engineer. Having a passion for creating worlds and telling stories through music and sound, he has been involved with composing for several independent films, as well as mixing in 5.1 surround sound. His experience is always expanding into different areas in audio, be it through composing, live sound engineering, or creating electronic music. Filip studied sound and music production at university and is always eager to dive into new creative projects and work on new and exciting challenges. Filip works on our immersive audio projects and has experience with creating immersive audio horror experiences. Filip aims to encapsulate a sense of journey, wonder and adventure in his work.

Photo of Charlie Dillon from Immersity Creations Limited

Charlie Dillon

Video Production & Editing

Charlie has always had a passion for film and decided to pursue it as a career after taking a film and television degree in university. During his time in university, Charlie proved himself and gained experience in diverse projects. These included directing, video capturing, producing and editing. Charlie is an extremely talented videographer who also obtains the ability to create attention-grabbing edits and continues to grow his skill on a regular basis. Charlie is proficient in numerous video editing softwares and has been editing videos for many years. Some of his projects outside of university include music videos, vlogs and social media videos. Charlie brings a fresh take to each project he works on as he continues to push the creative boundaries for video production.

Photo Of James Young from Immersity Creations Limited

James Young

Video Production & Editing

James is a skilled videographer, specialising in on-site recording and capturing to produce unique and engaging shots. With a decade of professional media experience, he has developed a wide range of multimedia skills and produced some truly fantastic end results. Over the course of his career James has been sought after by a number of high profile celebrities and groups, including David Hasselhoff, Bruce Dickinson, and N-Trance. His unique approach to his work results in highly professional and creative end products, and he has a fantastic portfolio ranging from photography of nightclubs and music events to editing and production of short films and music videos. James’ skills with a camera and his abilities to capture authentic experiences provide a unique insight into installations supported by Immersity.

Photo of Morgan Lyes from Immersity Creations Limited

Morgan Lyes

Audio Engineer

Morgan attended the same university course as our Creative Director Char and the two have worked together on numerous projects throughout the years. Morgan specialises in audio engineering and sound design as well as live productions. He has experience playing piano and bass guitar in a variety of styles and holds a number of qualifications documenting his skill. Projects he has worked on include film scores, live sound events and theatre productions to name a few. He also possesses the talent to pick out chords by ear and write unique pieces of music around these. Morgan has become very sought after in the last few years by many venues for his talent and keen ear for sound and continues to implement his talent into his truly unique creations.

Photo Of Gemma Averiss from Immersity Creations Limited

Gemma Averiss

Artwork & Graphic Design

Gemma attended university to study graphic design and began to excel straight away with the designs she was making. Gemma has undoubtedly created some outstanding pieces of work in her time designing artistic pieces and graphic designs. She has made short videos for MTV skits as well as creations of products for companies. Each piece has been outstandingly designed down to the last detail. She has a naturally creative vision which she backs up with the ability to create all of her projects to a faultless standard. Alongside graphic design, Gemma also has the talent of artwork and can provide some truly artistic visions to any project she works on. She is a creative and enthusiastic individual whos skill and enthusiasm for what she does breaks boundaries.