Escape Room “Offline” Terminal

We worked with Escape Rooms Cheltenham to improve on one of their popular escape rooms. The existing puzzle solution was worked on by players in which they would interface with a computer terminal to manipulate a website. Depending on the input from players would determine the results returned to allow progression through the puzzle. This worked well, however, the website was hosted online on a remote server which required a real Internet connection. If, for whatever reason, the Internet at the premises dropped or was having issues this could potentially prevent players from completing the puzzle and thus ruining the experience.

Escape Rooms Cheltenham approached us to implement a solution which would mean that players could continue to work through the escape room and be completely independent of a valid Internet connection. We designed and developed a system making use of Raspberry Pi hardware to bring the website puzzle inside their local network, whilst still giving the illusion of players accessing the website over the Internet. As this system was making use of a pre-existing attraction, our experienced System Developers and Engineers made alterations to other devices in the system to ensure that everything would work flawlessly.

The final solution once installed completed removed any potential issues which may have been caused by third-party Internet providers, and thus players could have an unhindered experience throughout the whole puzzle. Staff members of Escape Rooms Cheltenham could be assured that the system would work every single time and not be reliant upon things outside of their control.

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