What Difference Does Audio Make in Attractions?

The use of audio is extremely important across nearly anything you can think of. The number of sounds we hear and absorb every day and yet we do not think about them. The same works for experiences such as films, live music and attractions. Each piece of audio in the likes of the examples listed are carefully thought after to make the person experiencing this feel a certain way.

Audio has been making people perceive different feelings for many years and can have much more of a role than just impacting emotions. Having a bespoke piece of audio for an event or an experience can stick with you for a lifetime. Songs such as “The Tiki Tiki Tiki Room” or “Grim Grinning Ghosts” from Disneyland. These are both examples of songs that have been around since the 1960s and are still just as popular today and which many people associate with the attractions.

As well as attractions, queue lines are equally as important as they are notorious immersion breakers and can negatively impact the whole experience. Audio has the ability to play a large part to improve queue lines by driving emotions be it consciously or subconsciously and build the desired atmosphere for an immersive experience. When guests begin to navigate the experience they are attending the use of audio also allows you to naturally control the rhythm and heartbeat of the attraction between high and low-intensity moments.

Sound creates a sense of reality, no matter how that sound is used. It could be music, sound effects or even spoken words by some actors inside of the attraction but the important thing to note is that audio makes your environment real. Even the most subtle additions can make a large difference, although you may believe something is silent there is always something going on in the background. Sound also makes spaces seem larger, if you are able to hear something which you cannot see it suddenly brings in this whole new world that exists outside of that one room.

Attractions are on the rise in the current day and with the development of technology and the attention to detail going into every attraction audio is extremely important. The way in which audio can now be used is bringing a new level of immersion into attractions. Some of the simplest additions can completely change your attraction feel such as a subtle radio addition with a personalised message, small additions such as this can play a part further on down the line triggering your guest’s memory.

There are such a wide variety of ways you can now incorporate audio into your attractions and new and exciting ways to make people fully engaged in an environment. It’s exciting to see the ways you can have fully bespoke audio pieces designed entirely for your environment that will make your attraction next level and create a storytelling experience that will be one to remember.