Prototype Puzzle Box with Interactive Audio

This project was a prototype of an interactive Addams Family themed puzzle box containing a number of sensors, lights and motorised locks. We programmed an open-source microcontroller to take input from a matrix keypad and output a series of sound bites. Each button on the keypad would respond with a different reaction, allowing for users to interact and work their way through the puzzle box to complete the game. A number of status LED lights were included to indicate whether the player had correctly completed the puzzle.

This interactive box was the start of Immerstiy beginning to develop bespoke creations and expanding on the type of services we are now able to offer.

The purpose behind this automated box was to allow individuals to interact with puzzles, sounds and lights in ways they have never experienced before. It was for all purposes an “escape room in a box” and served as a portable prototype to demonstrate what we would like to provide on a larger scale.