Addams Family Animated Film Score

Below are some videos of a completed animated film score based around the 2019 animated Addams Family film. All of the audio in these videos was created by our sound team at Immersity, this includes everything from recording foley and voice acting down to assembling the track and creating music.

You will find two videos below. One is the stripped-down foley, sound design and voice acting to show you how each sound fits in and was assembled to be completed in time with the on-screen visuals. The other is a fully built track including music. The final outcome of these videos was widely welcomed and enjoyed by all ages.

The process of recording consisted of making different sounds in the studio including metal bars, shoes on wood, even instruments being implemented in different ways. When listening to the sound design you may notice some subtle easter eggs added in by our audio team, such as the Wilhelm scream added for humour. Some of our team even added some lines for characters!

The music for this film scene was inspired by cartoons circus vibes and was designed to have a childish feel to it. It’s designed not to be too overpowering but more noticeable background noise as you enjoy the film unfold. The music also has repetitive feels in certain parts to link scenes together. There is a sense of humour to the music in this clip and you will notice as it plays out certain elements fit into the scene.

We thoroughly enjoyed working on this piece and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did so please check out our videos below!