Immersive Audio in 22.2 Surround Sound

Our sound designers created a small number of fully immersive soundscapes purposed for 22.2 surround sound speakers. 22.2 surround sound speakers are uses 24 speakers arranged in three layers. A middle layer of ten speakers, an upper layer of nine speakers, and a lower layer of three speakers as well as two sub-woofers.

The 22.2 multichannel format is a 3D sound play-back format that is able to reproduce sound impressions that are much closer to natural sound than 5.1 surround sound. This allows audio to be used in a way to fully immerse people in a completely unique way. When creating audio, each aspect is carefully thought out as to positioning and content for the track. All themed tracks required for a project are handed to one of our sound engineers who have experience in that industry and genre.

The audio on these tracks consisted of a selection of different aspects within audio, some of these included natural soundscapes, music, voices, foley and sound design. Once all of the audio and sounds had been obtained they then moved on to track development.

Track development varies depending on the sound engineer working on it and their style as each engineer has their own unique creative style. When beginning to build up each track it all begins by drafting an idea of what you would like and then expanding on this. The complete final track is built-in software such as logic pro which a lot of our engineers use as their main software. The sounds that need to be added such as voices to build the track will then begin to be placed and the track will start to form and take shape.

Once the track is completed content-wise and it has been agreed upon and finalised the mixing begins. Mixing and mastering for 22.2 takes a lot of skill as you have to sit in a room and place each piece of audio individually. You can then begin to add effects which you need to know how to use in the correct way. One of our completed tracks made use of voices in different rooms, this included distancing and panning to make the voices sound more distant or closer in regards to the situation and how the listener was supposed to feel.

As well as effects on the vocals there was also effects used on some of the sound design and natural aspects across the tracks. This included sword fighting moving in a 180-degree movement behind the listener and 360 top panning and spinning of a helicopter.

It is important to note that mixing and mastering these tracks is to ensure the speakers do not peak above their designated volume as this can damage a lot of equipment as well as the hearing of the listener. Our sound specialists ensure that the audio is well maintained and controlled at all stages when developing any tracks ensuring the volume and quality will always be to a high standard when the project is completed.